Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cherating trip with love - Day 1

Hello there! here's my post about the memorable 3 days 2 night trip to Cherating, Kuantan with baby! its also my birthday trip that planned by Kar Yan. Here's the post in her blog. I swear its so sweet can die sigh i miss the trip very much! I'm going to start with the first day of the trip.

Got up from the bed in excitement because i knew it was the day that we are driving to Cherating and gonna spend our quality time in the time..Well sort of hahaha because my baby was busy camwhoring and watching Ghetto Justice 2 using my iPad. Charged it to full battery overnight to make sure it has enough battery level for her to watch the show while im driving =)

Picked her up at her house around 9 something but headed back there not far away from her house because she forgot to bring her precious mouthless-cat.....

So went to Oldtown at Taman Melati to fill up our tummy first before starting our 3 hours journey. I always enjoy the moment to have a meal with her especially morning breakfast because its always a joyful meal which will kick start our day together =) 
While on the way there, as usual the babygirl kept on camwhoring hahaha and this is just 1 out of 217576239 pictures that she took in the car! well i forgot to rotate it before i uploaded to here..

ISN'T SHE JUST LOOKS SO PRETTY AND CHARMING T__T SO FAIR SUMMORE cant stop pinching her face because she's just too cute! I know im the lucky guy to have her as my beloved, i know :)

So after the 3 hours drive, we finally reached our getaway destination!the hotel on that day is kinda empty, think only got not more than 5 rooms were occupied because it was few days before Hari Raya.

Checked in and the first thing my baby asked me to do was this..


After we unpacked our things, went out to find a place to have our lunch. Was mad hungry that time i think it was almost 3 already?A lot of restaurants were closed for business i dont know why like no need work like that == so found this place to settle down and eat.

We were the only locals to eat there.

Our lunch. Their tomyam soup tasted quite good though.

Went back to our chalet after that because it was raining! dafuq first day and it rained! T.T

Went to the famous Tong Juan restaurant which situated in Terengganu to try out their famous stuffed-crab.
You can google more about the details.




Dint know where to go after that so went back to chalet and bought some keropok lekor and goreng which are known famous in Kuantan. 

My baby with her baby. JEALOUS!!

Watched P.S I Love You on iPad before hitting the sack to prepare for the next day =)

To Be Continue...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Princess

*blow away dusts* 
hello my blog hahahaha omg its been some time since I actually touch my blog.
So while my dear princess is sleeping soundly right now, i shall blog about the princess who i started a lovely journey with since four months ago.

From strangers to couple, nobody including the both of us never expected that we will be fall in love and be together. Honestly sometimes I still wondering how I got her heart haha but I guess I am the lucky guy ;) 
We used to talk every single night before we went to our bed and this routine doesn't stop until now and in the future too. I used to tell her that her voice is my sleeping pill, I cant fall asleep without listening to it every night hehehe. Her laugh! Yeah her laugh hahahaha you wont feel bored listen to her laugh, like seriously hahahaha.

The 1st picture she camwhored using my phone. I still remember I cant stop looking at it when Im at home haha feels like a bintai stalker T.T

Her favorite.

Im sorry for my ugly face here but I think this is our first picture together. And of course lots of camwhore pictures after that hahahaha.

Remember this day?Only you and me know about it =D

And finally, the day that we begun our journey together <3

First Valentines Day together, she looked so awesome that night (and always looking good too :D )

The stupid faces that we always make together.

Tell me how, HOW to resist such cute and adorable smile????With the cute popeye shirt hahaha

There are still a lot more to write about me and her or just her hahaha but I think I should save it for next time. If tell all out already not fun lo =P 

To baby,
I cannot describe how lucky am I to have you in my life now. Although we argue a lot but I will try my best to make the best thing out of us. For the 24127496th times, I am so happy to have you. Last but not least,

I love you <3


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